Our aims: quality and precision down to the mµ area. In tool making you will find our high quality standards with its fundamental evidence. This is another reason why many customers have had tools for the production finished with us.

Through the development and perpetual optimisation of our construction department, today the forms are developed in-house with dimensions up to 800 x 1000 mm and having a maximum weight of 1500 kg. These are developed through CAD and finished online with CAD/CAM.

Externally created engineering drawings will be accepted by us in all common data formats. Our modern machinery is predominantly equipped with computer aided design (CAD) systems.

Our tool design and construction is based on a comprehensive integrated data management system.

All common interface technologies for CAD systems are an integral part of the overall concept - so transferring the data adds a new dimension in terms of speed and availability.

List of tool design and construction machines as a PDF download